Mass MoCA Residency – In Pictures

All photos by Mariana Newhard.

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 7

The Trade Practices team says goodbye to North Adams, with many thanks to everyone at Mass MoCA for an awesome experience and a productive residency.

Mass MoCA Day 6

Today was our last full day of work here at Mass MoCA, and we made the most of it with more table work on Robert’s Management scenes (we were even able to get the Game Show episode on its feet!) and a big group trading round rehearsal in the afternoon. The trading mechanism has come … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 5

The main event of the day was a fantastic full read-through of the latest script, including all the rewrites from the past few days. It was amazing to hear how far we’ve come in terms of text, and such a treat to have (almost!) all of our actors at the table — all of them … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 4

Lots of great work today as we got our hands on a ton of new pages from Qui — we read through the entire Workers storyline this morning, focusing in on a few key moments including Franklin’s monologues. With Jared in the room today we were able to have some really productive conversations about the … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 3

Today was brain-meltingly productive — besides all the new text to work with (more great leaps forward), we had a great time with Patricia learning to tango, and revamped our whole trading round structure. It’s more intuitive now, more driven by actual market forces, and accords audience members an exciting amount of agency. With actors … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 2

Today we dove right into the material, starting with Patricia the Marketing Director — in working out more of her backstory, we took a fascinating look into the late-1990s Argentinian economic crisis. The gestures of an open outcry trading floor were introduced to our actors, who practiced the language of buying and selling commodities before … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 1

Today our Mass MoCA residency got off to a great start with a full reading of everything we have so far — we heard four storylines with five episodes each, info sessions, songs, and the beginnings of the trading round soft sells. In one marathon session we went through all the texts according to the … Continue reading