Mass MoCA Workshop Day 3

Today was brain-meltingly productive — besides all the new text to work with (more great leaps forward), we had a great time with Patricia learning to tango, and revamped our whole trading round structure. It’s more intuitive now, more driven by actual market forces, and accords audience members an exciting amount of agency. With actors as brokers and everyone else as audience-traders, we rehearsed that newly-streamlined mechanism until we couldn’t think straight. We’ll revisit that in the coming days and hopefully continue to figure out all the rules to the game. The day finished up with Erin’s Episode 5 and a scintillating discussion of early American currency stability, George Washington’s crown, and the significance of the Whiskey Rebellion. Today we had to say goodbye to Erin and Eisa as we welcomed Liz and Meg to the workshop — and tomorrow we keep at it with more trading round rehearsal!


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