Dec Workshop: Day 5, Marketing

Over in the Marketing Storyline, KJ is having us Tango! Today we looked at Episode 2, in which Patricia Silver is leading her focus group in a dance lesson to illustrate the importance of a company’s role with its customers – the relationship is like the Tango. That focus group is, of course, the audience, … Continue reading

Dec Workshop: getting started on Marketing and Government

We’ve been doing great work with KJ Sanchez’s Marketing line, and Erin Courtney and her Government story. Performers Dax Valdes, Nina Hellman, Sheila Tapia and Eboni Booth are working with us this week, as well as sound designer and composer Jane Shaw, video designer Jared Mezzochi, and lighting designer Chris Kuhl. We are following the … Continue reading

Interstitial (trading round) videos

T.1 (preshow) Robert: introductory promo video playing (on loop?) at start MEDIA SAMPLES: COMPANY AD, TRAILER   T.2 (after E.1) Erin: maybe about the Currency Industry? Showing what money is, the different aspects of it? Or a rudimentary econ lesson about how money moves etc (like the Banking YouTube videos we found?) Have this conversation … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for MKT

This is a running list of images and video for the MKT storyline by KJ Sanchez, first workshopped in December 2012 at HERE in New York City. EPISODE 1. Argentine economic crisis (1999-2002) A bit of economic history underlying Patricia’s backstory: 1999 December 10 Fernando de la Rua becomes Argentina’s president. He campaigned on promises to … Continue reading

New $5 bill video

Yes, this was actually produced by the US government.

Marketing and Pricing Security Products

from Warner, Richard D. and Richard M. Adams II, Introduction to Security Printing. (Pittsburge: PIA/GATF Press, 2005). Promotion: A reputation for security is built over years. It starts by changing internal business processes, procedures, and culture. Staff should be informed of the importance of security and trained to enable smooth implementation of secure storage, auditing, and … Continue reading

What does it take to be a security printer?

from Warner, Richard D. and Richard M. Adams II, Introduction to Security Printing. (Pittsburge: PIA/GATF Press, 2005). A carefully customized security system should incorporate the following attributes: It should respond to the threats the customer is facing. The supplier therefore needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the type of counterfeits that are found in the … Continue reading

Prepress, Press, and Postpress Operations for Security Printing

from Warner, Richard D. and Richard M. Adams II, Introduction to Security Printing. (Pittsburge: PIA/GATF Press, 2005). “Prepress for security printing involves the use of fine-line patterns that are usually continuous-tone rather than bitmapped or half-toned. Colors are generally spot or trademarked colors that are spectrally or colorimetrically matched rather than being process color. The guilloche, … Continue reading

Security Printing Overview

from Warner, Richard D. and Richard M. Adams II, Introduction to Security Printing. (Pittsburge: PIA/GATF Press, 2005). Security printing: “the process of converting printed products using limited-access materials and supplies along with unique or specialized technologies and a multiplicity of printing processes to produce security end products under secure operating procedures and manufacturing/distribution protocols.” Security end … Continue reading

Evolution of logos and brand identities

Good to think about eventually for the restructuring / post-restructuring scenes — what kind of rebranding goes with it, name changes, new logos, new architectural / interior design of the Company spaces, etc. ___________________________ from

Collaborative Consumption: TED Talks

(notes on videos after each embed) Lisa Gansky: The Mesh In many circumstances, “access trumps ownership” — libraries, public transit, coffeehouses — and the Mesh refers to “meshy” businesses that provide “better things easily shared.” Vectors leading to this new emphasis on sharing: The Recession: we’re recalculating value based on what we’d now consider to be … Continue reading

Costco: “New Luxury” for American Consumers

notes on Gertner, Jon. “Costco Nation.” Money. 32.10 (2003): 124-129. Business Source Premier. America’s favorite luxury warehouse. Costco’s high-end items are a huge part of their appeal to the American middle class. Costco is good — indeed, Costco is exceptional — at knowing what middle-class Americans need: peanut butter, paper towels, Snickers bars and lots and lots … Continue reading

Media Sample: Press Conference and Controversy

Tropicana (Arnell Group) CEO at a press conference defending choice to change orange juice carton design (which later was changed back to the old version) [I love that he is actually holding an orange. And everything he says about Squeeze–hugs–love. ] Bank of America controversy coverage over proposed debit card fees. No press conference video, but … Continue reading

Niche Market Banks

Tribe introduced in 2011, meant to be offer “banking experiences for niche communities.” These banks are online only, very specifically targeted. Is this really a way to “make financial services more relevant to customers?” The first niche bank launched was Wag, meant for dog lovers. The website is not yet a functioning bank, but it intends to … Continue reading

How do you market a currency company?

While most companies that influence our everyday lives pay untold millions of dollars to cram their names and logos down our throats, few people know the names of the firms that make some of the most ubiquitous objects in the world. And they like it that way. Many of the countries with the most high-tech … Continue reading

Design for a Dollar

Epic video announcement for 2010 (still-unreleased?) redesign of US $100 note: All US currency redesigns must perpetuate certain “legacy features” that are on all the currency that’s ever been issued — because the US will accept all currency ever issued as legal tender, the notes have to have a certain amount of consistency. Or so … Continue reading

GAO Reports on $1 Coin vs $1 Note

I just read both the 2011 GAO Report on the dollar coin (“US Coins: Replacing the $1 Note With a $1 Coin Would Provide a Financial Benefit to the Government”) and its 2012 followup, “US Coins: Alternative Scenarios Suggest Different Benefits and Losses from Replacing the $1 Note with a $1 Coin.” I’m not going … Continue reading


Courtesy of Kevin Roberts, CEO of ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi: Lovemarks transcend brands. They deliver beyond your expectations of great performance. Like great brands, they sit on top of high levels of respect – but there the similarities end. Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you … Continue reading

Advertising Age top ten advertising ideas of the decade

For full text see article linked below; here I’ll excerpt interesting bits, with commentary Book of Tens: Ideas of the Decade By: Matthew Creamer Published: December 14, 2009 CONSUMER CONTROL The age of interruption and one-way conversations with consumers was over. What was being observed was the further acceleration of a trend that had been developing since … Continue reading

Byron Sharp, “How Brands Grow”

Found this book by Byron Sharp, How Brands Grow, that seems interesting. “How Brands Grow” is based on decades of research that has progressively uncovered scientific laws about buying and brand performance. This book is the first to present these laws in context, and explore their meaning and marketing applications. It is a myth-busting book, … Continue reading