Evolution of logos and brand identities

Good to think about eventually for the restructuring / post-restructuring scenes — what kind of rebranding goes with it, name changes, new logos, new architectural / interior design of the Company spaces, etc. ___________________________ from 9gag.com

eReputation & brand management

I found this while teaching myself to use Prezi (which is awesome!) Just be patient thru the first few steps, in which the marketers market themsleves 😉 Edit: WordPress doesn’t want me embedding it anymore, so you’ll have to click through: e-Reputation & Brand Management on Prezi


Courtesy of Kevin Roberts, CEO of ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi: Lovemarks transcend brands. They deliver beyond your expectations of great performance. Like great brands, they sit on top of high levels of respect – but there the similarities end. Lovemarks reach your heart as well as your mind, creating an intimate, emotional connection that you … Continue reading

Advertising Age top ten advertising ideas of the decade

For full text see article linked below; here I’ll excerpt interesting bits, with commentary Book of Tens: Ideas of the Decade By: Matthew Creamer Published: December 14, 2009 CONSUMER CONTROL The age of interruption and one-way conversations with consumers was over. What was being observed was the further acceleration of a trend that had been developing since … Continue reading

Byron Sharp, “How Brands Grow”

Found this book by Byron Sharp, How Brands Grow, that seems interesting. “How Brands Grow” is based on decades of research that has progressively uncovered scientific laws about buying and brand performance. This book is the first to present these laws in context, and explore their meaning and marketing applications. It is a myth-busting book, … Continue reading