Open Rehearsals!

We will be holding 2 open rehearsals this week – Friday 8/29 at 11am and Saturday 8/30 at 12.15pm – Please write kristin at if you would like to attend and she will send you the details. 

Meet our Georges, Jacksons, Lincolns, Grants, Benjamins, McKinleys and Grovers….

Thanks to these incredible friends for supporting our Kickstarter campaign for the show – we still have about $1500 to raise before our opening on  Sun 8/31 – Please support if you can! –  Daniel Alexander Jones, Bruce Allardice and Victoria Abrash, Tony Barkan (but should he be listed here again?), Nick Benacerraf, Jamie Bennett, Marc Bovino, Rachel … Continue reading

Trade Practices Premiere on Governor’s Island and Cast Set!

David and Kristin are thrilled to announce that we will premiere TRADE PRACTICES on Governors Island on August 31. The show will run through September 21 in a historic building called Pershing Hall. We will spend all of August rehearsing in the building – how cool! Our amazing writing team of Erin Courtney, Eisa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, Kj Sanchez and Chris Wells is … Continue reading

Abraham Lincoln on Labor and Capital

from  Meltzer, Milton and Stephen Alcorn, Lincoln in His Own Words. (London: Sandpiper, 2009). 60. “Thinking about the value of labor, Lincoln set down this note:” And, inasmuch [as] most good things are produced by labor, it follows that [all] such things of right belong to those whose labor has produced them. But it has so happened … Continue reading

eReputation & brand management

I found this while teaching myself to use Prezi (which is awesome!) Just be patient thru the first few steps, in which the marketers market themsleves 😉 Edit: WordPress doesn’t want me embedding it anymore, so you’ll have to click through: e-Reputation & Brand Management on Prezi

What is this?

TRADE PRACTICES is an interactive live art event, created by David Morris and Kristin Marting, which drops the audience into a living market in the trade of short, serialized performances wherein they examine the means by which they determine value. Six original texts charting the evolution of a fictional company from family business to multinational … Continue reading