Kick-ass advertisements, early April 2012 edition

Fantastic tv spots for a British organic milk/yogurt company, in rap version:

Advertising Age top ten advertising ideas of the decade

For full text see article linked below; here I’ll excerpt interesting bits, with commentary Book of Tens: Ideas of the Decade By: Matthew Creamer Published: December 14, 2009 CONSUMER CONTROL The age of interruption and one-way conversations with consumers was over. What was being observed was the further acceleration of a trend that had been developing since … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: social media

Social media Twitter use for audience to give realtime feedback, information, disinformation etc could get co-opted by advertising for shows retweets by audience as proxy advertising (some benefit accrues to them then?) tweets — not on big board or post monitors maybe projected on walls? in the pit / trading floor feels like it should … Continue reading