Interstitial (trading round) videos

T.1 (preshow) Robert: introductory promo video playing (on loop?) at start MEDIA SAMPLES: COMPANY AD, TRAILER   T.2 (after E.1) Erin: maybe about the Currency Industry? Showing what money is, the different aspects of it? Or a rudimentary econ lesson about how money moves etc (like the Banking YouTube videos we found?) Have this conversation … Continue reading

7 points of story, the 7 episodes

1) Deciding whether to go public? get to know the company here, then… has all the cogs in place, but smaller, poised for expansion everyone bullish on expansion (Bankers, Investment) Management? what do they do here? 2) post-IPO see how things are changing already restructuring expansion from capitalization 3) rise of management (∆ fr. owner-managers … Continue reading

Meeting—11 January 2012

In attendance: David Kristin Moving forward… OUTLINE need to make an outline show bible, or story/narrative bible to keep everyone on track we feel like we have our minds wrapped around more of the market mechanisms and history of corporations now return to CHARACTER: Warren Buffett book (see bibliography) Union leaders Quants Remember, multiple nested … Continue reading

Meeting—22 November 2011

In attendance: David Kristin History of a Company idea 6 GROUPS: Overall narrative of the show is the history of a (fictional) company, told from the standpoint of six different “stakeholders” in the company Different groups that have a stake in how the company is valued / what is valuable about the company owner management … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: big picture stuff

Big picture Why does the audience trade? Why be active rather than passive? Is money-making the goal? doesn’t seem right at least not as only goal DEM’S “fun theory” HOW DO WE FRAME / PRESENT THE SHOW / TASKS GIVEN, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING: TO MAKE CLEAR WHAT THE GOALS ARE? TO ENCOURAGE ACTIVE PARTICIPATION ? —=+=— Is there a DISCONNECT between watching … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: social media

Social media Twitter use for audience to give realtime feedback, information, disinformation etc could get co-opted by advertising for shows retweets by audience as proxy advertising (some benefit accrues to them then?) tweets — not on big board or post monitors maybe projected on walls? in the pit / trading floor feels like it should … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: video

In attendance: David Kristin Video Closed-circuit video feeds! TRAILERS or ADVERTISING during T rounds one for each performance (possibly) could have cc video feeds of each performance during R? for audience who don’t / can’t buy tickets or want a different way of watching the performance maybe make it intentionally bad, or grainy, B&W etc? … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: space

In attendance: David Kristin Space Trading posts — MULTIPLE? YES, one for each show So whomever is manning the Post only has to keep track of a single show’s tickets (in terms of price fluctuations, number of tickets available, etc) Will need a way of consolidating all of this information from 6 or 7 Posts into … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: show mechanics + sequencing

In attendance: David Kristin Show mechanics FUTURES vs. OPTIONS are they too similar? in a way that would be confusing to the audience Think more about this as we develop it —=+=— Can the audience choose to give their money back at the end? Yes, but not in a “make them feel guilty” way (the … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: currencies

In attendance: David Kristin Currency quarters increments to big? BUT very satisfying as money, the weight and size dimes too fussy? too small physically? (don’t feel valuable) nickels also too fussy? (imagine paying $1.75 in nickels — 35!) not enough payout at end? too heavy? ($10 = 200 nickels) We could try mixed coinage? 2 not 3 Should … Continue reading

Skype meeting—12 October 2011

In attendance: David Kristin Research new book: Boomerang Michael Lewis’ new book About the way the economic crisis has affected world markets / national economies …and really messed up certain countries, but in different ways for each —=+=—

Phone meeting—2 October 2011

In attendance: David Kristin Script Will people feel locked in once they’ve committed to a piece? like they want to know how it ends? St Joan of the Stockyards — stuff about pricing other source texts? KM feels it’s more interesting to have original material Material related to concepts rather than just some random play … Continue reading