• What is this?

    TRADE PRACTICES is an immersive site-specific experience which examines the notion of “value” against the backdrop of the booms and busts of the past decade, created by scenic designer David Morris and director Kristin Marting, with writers Erin Courtney, Eisa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, KJ Sanchez and Chris Wells.

    A fictional currency company’s evolution from family business to publicly ­traded corporation is told through original texts presented simultaneously in competing episodes. The audience doesn’t just watch: they become actors on an economic stage, exploring how we decide what something is worth and what we value.

Trade Practices Premiere on Governor’s Island and Cast Set!

David and Kristin are thrilled to announce that we will premiere TRADE PRACTICES on Governors Island on August 31. The show will run through September 21 in a historic building called Pershing Hall. We will spend all of August rehearsing in the building – how cool! Our amazing writing team of Erin Courtney, Eisa Davis, Robert Lyons, Qui Nguyen, Kj Sanchez and Chris Wells is … Continue reading

Open Rehearsals!

We will be holding 2 open rehearsals this week – Friday 8/29 at 11am and Saturday 8/30 at 12.15pm – Please write kristin at here.org if you would like to attend and she will send you the details. 

Meet our Georges, Jacksons, Lincolns, Grants, Benjamins, McKinleys and Grovers….

Thanks to these incredible friends for supporting our Kickstarter campaign for the show – we still have about $1500 to raise before our opening on  Sun 8/31 – Please support if you can! –  Daniel Alexander Jones, Bruce Allardice and Victoria Abrash, Tony Barkan (but should he be listed here again?), Nick Benacerraf, Jamie Bennett, Marc Bovino, Rachel … Continue reading

Desk lamp ideas

Lighting Research

Mass MoCA Residency – In Pictures

All photos by Mariana Newhard.

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 7

The Trade Practices team says goodbye to North Adams, with many thanks to everyone at Mass MoCA for an awesome experience and a productive residency.

Mass MoCA Day 6

Today was our last full day of work here at Mass MoCA, and we made the most of it with more table work on Robert’s Management scenes (we were even able to get the Game Show episode on its feet!) and a big group trading round rehearsal in the afternoon. The trading mechanism has come … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 5

The main event of the day was a fantastic full read-through of the latest script, including all the rewrites from the past few days. It was amazing to hear how far we’ve come in terms of text, and such a treat to have (almost!) all of our actors at the table — all of them … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 4

Lots of great work today as we got our hands on a ton of new pages from Qui — we read through the entire Workers storyline this morning, focusing in on a few key moments including Franklin’s monologues. With Jared in the room today we were able to have some really productive conversations about the … Continue reading

Trading Pit Hand Signals — Ebook

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 3

Today was brain-meltingly productive — besides all the new text to work with (more great leaps forward), we had a great time with Patricia learning to tango, and revamped our whole trading round structure. It’s more intuitive now, more driven by actual market forces, and accords audience members an exciting amount of agency. With actors … Continue reading

The Big Board, set & video look-and-feel

I came across this video when looking at opening bell stuff, and the running “heat map” thing that was happening as the bell rings to open the market was kind of fascinating: S&P 500 Heat Map on opening bell (with Iron Man!) (not embedded video, click thru on link) So I became interested in these … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 2

Today we dove right into the material, starting with Patricia the Marketing Director — in working out more of her backstory, we took a fascinating look into the late-1990s Argentinian economic crisis. The gestures of an open outcry trading floor were introduced to our actors, who practiced the language of buying and selling commodities before … Continue reading

Mass MoCA Workshop Day 1

Today our Mass MoCA residency got off to a great start with a full reading of everything we have so far — we heard four storylines with five episodes each, info sessions, songs, and the beginnings of the trading round soft sells. In one marathon session we went through all the texts according to the … Continue reading

Who watches the Watchmen? Elizabeth Warren, apparently…

My own Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, kicking ass and taking names: Erin, let’s think about how we might work some of these questions and issues (and the debate over them) into E.6 of GOV?

Research and visual aids for Group Dance Numbers

This is a running list of images and video for the group dance numbers that are part of TRADE PRACTICES. G.1 SWITCH TO FEAR Add some vids! G.2 DANCE OF ARB Add some vids here too! G.3 REORGANIZATION Coming out of E.5 and leading into T.6, “Reorganization” begins as a part of the OWN storyline … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for INV

This is a running list of images and video for the INV storyline written by Eisa Davis, first workshopped for presentation in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival in New York City. INFO & TRADING ROUNDS. Mayor Bloomberg ringing the NYSE opening bell, Oct 31, 2012 And for something sillier, Robert Downey Jr. ringing to … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for OWN

This is a running list of images and video for the OWN storyline with text and lyrics by Chris Wells and music by Xander Duell, first workshopped in October 2012 at HERE in New York City; then presented in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival. If you’re looking for the dance video research for the … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for MGT

This is a running list of images and video for the MGT storyline by Robert Lyons, first workshopped in October 2012 at HERE in New York City; then presented in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival. EPISODE 1. GAME SHOW Game show style and aesthetic of the old Bob Barker The Price is Right? Or Family Feud … Continue reading