Oct Workshop: Day of Works-in-Progress Showing

What an action packed Sunday it turned out to be for our final Workshop day! The afternoon began in the Mainstage space with a quick French lesson from Kristin as Mari and Caitlin tried their hand at Robert’s rewrites for the French Art Film scene in the Management storyline. Choosing between a scene entirely in … Continue reading

Oct Workshop: Management and Owners Day 3

This morning we worked on the Management track with writer Robert. We began by reading the new French art film scene Robert wrote during his day off from rehearsal. We also watched the first scene of LOVE CRIMES as inspiration for this scene. Then Kristin got to work staging with Caitlin & Mari. The shape … Continue reading

Oct Workshop: Owners Day 2

Today we started by reading through the pages writer Chris Wells brought in for us based on the exercises we did two days ago. It was a blast to recognize many of the themes and juicy lines that he incorporated from our previous work session. Next we read through the first scene a number of … Continue reading

Oct Workshop: Management Day 2

Today we started by reading through the scenes to hear the edits Robert had made, and the entirely new scenes two and four which he wrote yesterday. Jane, our composer, joined us today so we were able to delve into how the sound and lights might help us see the office set through Brenda's sensationalized … Continue reading

Oct Workshop: Owners Day 1

Writer Chris Wells led us today in a number of writing and performance exercises to get creative juices flowing and to develop fresh perspectives on the Owners Track of our company. The actors had fun inventing a visual retelling of the Paul Revere story in 7 snapshots – our featured image is of the actors … Continue reading

Oct Workshop: Management Day 1

Writer Robert Lyons brought in five and a half brand new scenes investigating the Management Track in the company which we read through and discussed. Everyone relished in each scene’s complete genre change-up while at the same time offering colorful reflections on office politics. The actors played scenes in an interrogation room, a game show, … Continue reading