Free stock charts — Provides performance data for individual stocks or whole exchanges, lots of different graphical display options. The latter might be good for us, just in terms of giving some guides for how we can display our own market’s information to the audience?  

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: video

In attendance: David Kristin Video Closed-circuit video feeds! TRAILERS or ADVERTISING during T rounds one for each performance (possibly) could have cc video feeds of each performance during R? for audience who don’t / can’t buy tickets or want a different way of watching the performance maybe make it intentionally bad, or grainy, B&W etc? … Continue reading

Thoughts on final reversal / mirror to audience moment

What about mapping the density of audience surrounding a show with a graph that would show the rise and fall in the play market? It could be done very visually. Almost like the Minard map of Napoleon’s army’s march to Moscow and back but more interactive?

In-show trading mechanics

TRADE show mechanics – trading (PDF)

International banking centers

New York London Tokyo Singapore Frankfurt

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns