Warren Buffett — Letters to Shareholders

From the 2011 letter: Positive updates: The primary job of a Board of Directors is to see that the right people are running the business and to be sure that the next generation of leaders is identified and ready to take over tomorrow. We view [our] holdings as partnership interests in wonderful businesses, not as … Continue reading

Warren Buffett

See here for Buffett’s influential NYT op-ed, “Stop Coddling the Super-Rich” Buffett’s TIME 100 2012 profile (written by Barack Obama, because why not) In the spring of 1942, an 11-year-old boy from Omaha made his first big investment, putting nearly his entire fortune — about $120 — into three shares of Cities Service Preferred. By June, the … Continue reading

David: Day 4, Thursday — Investment Firms

So much good stuff today! Head is reeling. Things I remember— Randy, thank you so much for coming and talking with us, and staying so much longer than we had asked! Stuff randy told us: Women have Big Swinging Dicks too Trading screens — prices blink when the price moves, blink red when go up, … Continue reading