Banks –  Concerns for Startups  (via Pinsky Law, “Banks“) Banks are a major source of both short term and long term funding for many conventional companies. Through borrowing, an entrepreneur is able to acquire the funds he needs to operate his business without giving up control of a business. For startups the principal problem with … Continue reading

Privately Held Companies

In our research on currency and securities printers, we’ve come across many privately held companies. As a brief review: Crane & Co. – privately held, still family-owned (non-family CEO) ABnote – privately held De La Rue – publicly traded, listed on the London Stock Market (DLAR) Giesecke & Devrient – privately held, still family-owned (non-family … Continue reading

Private Equity

The term private equity is a generic expression for investments in equity securities in companies which are not listed in any public stock exchange.  A private equity firm is an investment manager which raises pools of capital, typically in the form of private equity funds to invest. Private equity includes the following forms of investment: … Continue reading

Going Public: IPO

When a company chooses to go public, it must make an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which is the first sale of stock to the public by a private company. In an IPO, the issuer obtains the assistance of an underwriting firm, which helps it determine what type of security to issue (common or preferred), the … Continue reading