Mondragón Cooperative Corporation

In most for-profit businesses, labor is hired at the service of capital. For the Mondragón cooperatives, capital is something they rent to benefit the worker-owners. The Mondragón model is not only about distribution of the profits, it is also about control of the business. Capital is borrowed, stock is not sold for financing. All new … Continue reading

Triple Bottom Line

The idea of the “triple bottom line” (TBL or 3BL) goes back to 1994, when the phrase was coined by John Elkington. He argued that companies should we working toward three equally important bottom lines: profit, people, and planet (3P). This is a major component of the stakeholder value movement of the 21st century. TBL has become … Continue reading

Going Public: IPO

When a company chooses to go public, it must make an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which is the first sale of stock to the public by a private company. In an IPO, the issuer obtains the assistance of an underwriting firm, which helps it determine what type of security to issue (common or preferred), the … Continue reading