Meet our Georges, Jacksons, Lincolns, Grants, Benjamins, McKinleys and Grovers….

Thanks to these incredible friends for supporting our Kickstarter campaign for the show – we still have about $1500 to raise before our opening on  Sun 8/31 – Please support if you can! – 

Daniel Alexander Jones, Bruce Allardice and Victoria Abrash, Tony Barkan (but should he be listed here again?), Nick Benacerraf, Jamie Bennett, Marc Bovino, Rachel Chavkin, Amanda Cooper, Bernardo Cubria, Dana Edell, Rachel Edwards, Bernie Ferdman, El Gray, Damien Gray, Bethany Haynes, Isabelle Holmes, Ben Kaplan, Blake Kuhre,  John Kurzynowski, Toya Lillard, Beth Morrison, Elenna Mosoff, Hemmendy Nelson, Catherine Porter, Tanya Selvaratnam, Gary Schwartz, James Scruggs, Lake Simons, Griffin Skutsch, Lisa Sloan, Brenna St George Jones, Ellen Staller, Deborah Stein, Suzi Takahashi, Theater Plastique, Adam Thompson,  Noah S Weber, Micky Weller, Kim Whitener, Reed Whitney and Tal Yarden

Trade Kickstarter!

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