The Economist – “Cash Machine”

A recent article in The Economist had a few choice bits of information we haven’t come across yet. My notes: Although demand for physical cash had been in decline over the course of the 20th century (due to the growing popularity of checks and then credit cards), there was a spike in demand for paper currency after … Continue reading

Currency Security Technologies

Some definitions for technologies, processes, and other terms involved in the security printing industry. See here for the individual trademarked names that have been given to different proprietary versions of these technologies. The substrate is the material that is being printed on, typically paper. Overt security devices are meant to be easily seen by the naked eye; … Continue reading

Trademarked Currency Security Technologies

A long if not necessarily complete list. Crane: MOTION – “the new standard in optical security features,” “first micro-optic based material ever used in banknotes. MOTION images appear to move in a fascinating and counter-intuitive way, as if floating on a liquid surface. This striking effect is caused by a micro-lens array interacting with a … Continue reading

De La Rue

De La Rue is a publicly traded security printing company based in London. It is the largest supplier of banknotes, responsible for more than 150 national currencies as well as security documents, passports, and identification systems. Like most companies of its caliber, it also offers specialty services, cash handling systems, and related softwares. Origin story: … Continue reading

Introduction of New Currencies (in progress)

1993: Czech Republic and Slovakia, ?????, Czech and Slovak koruna Dissolution of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia Pavel Kysilka handles the currency on the Czech side At first planned to maintain one common currency, but a dangerous outflow of cash from Slovakia into Czech republic led leaders to enter talks about splitting currency … Continue reading