Skype meeting—12 October 2011

In attendance: David Kristin Research new book: Boomerang Michael Lewis’ new book About the way the economic crisis has affected world markets / national economies …and really messed up certain countries, but in different ways for each —=+=—

On randomness of winning streaks, and barcode tracking

The Drunkard’s Walk Audiobook: part 2, chapter 3, ending at 44:35 discussion of randomness and performance and how we misperceive the cumulative effects of success i.e. the difference between the odds of one specific individual in one fixed period of time hitting a winning streak based on purely random, coin toss decisions, vs. the odds of some ONE of many … Continue reading

The Wason Test

[from] The Wason TestThis is a puzzle named after its creator. There are four cards lying on a table in front of you. You know for certain that all the cards have one letter marked on one side, and one number marked on the other. Marked on their upper sides are the following: A F … Continue reading