7 points of story, the 7 episodes

1) Deciding whether to go public? get to know the company here, then… has all the cogs in place, but smaller, poised for expansion everyone bullish on expansion (Bankers, Investment) Management? what do they do here? 2) post-IPO see how things are changing already restructuring expansion from capitalization 3) rise of management (∆ fr. owner-managers … Continue reading

Advertising Age top ten advertising ideas of the decade

For full text see article linked below; here I’ll excerpt interesting bits, with commentary Book of Tens: Ideas of the Decade By: Matthew Creamer Published: December 14, 2009 CONSUMER CONTROL The age of interruption and one-way conversations with consumers was over. What was being observed was the further acceleration of a trend that had been developing since … Continue reading

I just want to say one word to you. Glass.

So I’ve been thinking about what the product/industry of our company might be, as I mentioned previously.  An industry that has a long enough history to span our company’s lifespan; something pretty mundane to begin with, but with interesting developments over its course, evolving in unexpected ways. (The observation in Mickelthwait & Wooldridge about how … Continue reading

Corporation corpus

owners –> HEART managers –> HEAD / BRAIN workers –> HANDS marketing –> FACE / MOUTH investment firm –> BLOOD government –> ??? — outside force, regulator, (legal) goundwork for existence  —=+=— Tell the story of the Company over the course of a HUMAN LIFESPAN to continue metaphor of corporation/ body, legal personhood of corporation … Continue reading

Meeting—11 January 2012

In attendance: David Kristin Moving forward… OUTLINE need to make an outline show bible, or story/narrative bible to keep everyone on track we feel like we have our minds wrapped around more of the market mechanisms and history of corporations now return to CHARACTER: Warren Buffett book (see bibliography) Union leaders Quants Remember, multiple nested … Continue reading

Thoughts on the story of our Company

What are these 8 moments in life of company? (moments of crisis, change, forks in road etc) • limited liability, brings outside investors in rather than just owner/partner investors.  [Is this the equivalent of the IPO in modern parlance?] • change from owner-managers to non-owner managers, creation of the “agency problem.” • some moment having to do … Continue reading

Company name changes

Trivial thing, but a little marker: The ways in which a Company’s name evolves very 19th century, pedestrian naming scheme, named after what it does and who does it (Smithson Iron Works or whatever) very grandiose variation on that — National Biscuit Company making amalgamated words — National Biscuit Company > Nabisco more recently in terms of mergers, … Continue reading

Thoughts on our Company and its product

We’re going to have to be very careful in terms of our choice of product, doesn’t want to be trivial, some stupid product that then, when we go thru all of this, it starts to look like we’re saying “Look at this really dumb thing but the Company manages to sell it and convince us … Continue reading

Meeting—22 November 2011

In attendance: David Kristin History of a Company idea 6 GROUPS: Overall narrative of the show is the history of a (fictional) company, told from the standpoint of six different “stakeholders” in the company Different groups that have a stake in how the company is valued / what is valuable about the company owner management … Continue reading

Skype meeting—12 October 2011

In attendance: David Kristin Research new book: Boomerang Michael Lewis’ new book About the way the economic crisis has affected world markets / national economies …and really messed up certain countries, but in different ways for each —=+=—

Phone meeting—2 October 2011

In attendance: David Kristin Script Will people feel locked in once they’ve committed to a piece? like they want to know how it ends? St Joan of the Stockyards — stuff about pricing other source texts? KM feels it’s more interesting to have original material Material related to concepts rather than just some random play … Continue reading

Thoughts on content, found texts, living playwrights

What if the content were existing texts? One earlier version could be using older texts, classic texts, “The Canon” etc texts that are out of copyright so we don’t have to deal with that But what if a LATER version or at least ANOTHER version was in fact using texts by living playwrights whom we … Continue reading

Thoughts on markets, overall structure of narrative

Distinction being made in The Worldly Philosophers between markets and market systems Market systems = a way of maintaining balance (development beyond tradition or force as a way of maintaining order and everyone doing their job) Market systems run society

Brainstorm: relationship analogies to market manuevers

Would the relationship equivalent of shorting a stock be a younger woman marrying an older man for money in the hopes of then getting some of that money for herself out of the divorce settlement? If “shorting a stock” is a younger women marrying an older man for his money in the divorce settlement would … Continue reading