The Rise of the New Economy Movement

notes on Alperovitz, Gar. “The Rise of the New Economy Movement.” AlterNet. 20 May 2012. The New Economy movement: The broad goal is democratized ownership of the economy for the 99% in an ecologically sustainable and and participatory community-building fashion. A range of new economic models are being tried out in small scales– Evergreen Cooperative in … Continue reading

America Beyond Capitalism: the Pluralist Commonwealth

notes on Alperovitz, Gar. “America Beyond Capitalism: The Pluralist Commonwealth.” [this was a slightly longer version of another essay, notes on which can be found here. I didn’t repeat myself here, so these two posts should be read in tandem] The most progressive social-democratic proposals based on European precedents are unlikely to be achieved in  more … Continue reading

America Beyond Capitalism: Emerging Context and Key Issues

notes on Alperovitz, Gar. 2006. “America Beyond Capitalism: Emerging Context and Key Issues.” The Good Society 15. (3): 51-56. Our current crisis is more than political — it’s systemic. Truly fundamental values — equality, liberty, meaningful democracy, ecological sustainability — are all increasingly being thwarted by real world practices. The American labor movement is in a state … Continue reading

New-Economy Movement

The idea that we need a “new economy”—that the entire economic system must be radically restructured if critical social and environmental goals are to be met—runs directly counter to the American creed that capitalism as we know it is the best, and only possible, option. Especially after the recent financial crisis, many new-economy organizations have … Continue reading