A pair (TRIO!) of market-driven beer and burger joints

I think it must be the zeitgeist of our times—with the recession, Wall St. scandals, the Occupy movement and the 99%/1% tension—that this idea seems to be cropping up simultaneously in multiple cities.  In Washington D.C. we have The Big Board, a new beer-and-burger concept where beer prices fluctuate in real time based on demand. … Continue reading

Street parking and the law of supply and demand

San Francisco is trying to shorten the hunt with an ambitious experiment that aims to make sure that there is always at least one empty parking spot available on every block that has meters. The program, which uses new technology and the law of supply and demand, raises the price of parking on the city’s most crowded … Continue reading

Random fractals and the stock market

Random Fractals and the Stock Market Fractals appear in the world both as objects and as time records of processes. Practically every example observed involves what appears to be some element of randomness, perhaps due to the interactions of very many small parts of the process. Think of the complicated interaction of hydrodynamical and geological … Continue reading

Weather derivatives market

[from https://www.climetrix.com/WeatherMarket/MarketOverview/default.asp] Weather Market Overview Market Origins The weather market traces its roots to deregulation of the U.S. energy industry.  Variability in weather conditions had always been recognized as one of the most significant factors affecting energy consumption, however the effects of unpredictable seasonal weather patterns had previously been absorbed and managed within a regulated, monopoly … Continue reading