Kick-ass advertisements, early April 2012 edition

Fantastic tv spots for a British organic milk/yogurt company, in rap version:

Additional marketing history resources’s Principle of Marketing tutorials Tutorials I also quoted from at length in previous post, are many more than what I referenced ZenithOptimedia’s Marketer’s Portal / Timeline interesting historical event, by century, that affected business, trade, marketing, etc. The History of Advertising Trust (H.A.T.) gallery British organization to archive and preserve example of … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: social media

Social media Twitter use for audience to give realtime feedback, information, disinformation etc could get co-opted by advertising for shows retweets by audience as proxy advertising (some benefit accrues to them then?) tweets — not on big board or post monitors maybe projected on walls? in the pit / trading floor feels like it should … Continue reading

First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: video

In attendance: David Kristin Video Closed-circuit video feeds! TRAILERS or ADVERTISING during T rounds one for each performance (possibly) could have cc video feeds of each performance during R? for audience who don’t / can’t buy tickets or want a different way of watching the performance maybe make it intentionally bad, or grainy, B&W etc? … Continue reading

Phone meeting—2 October 2011

In attendance: David Kristin Script Will people feel locked in once they’ve committed to a piece? like they want to know how it ends? St Joan of the Stockyards — stuff about pricing other source texts? KM feels it’s more interesting to have original material Material related to concepts rather than just some random play … Continue reading

Thoughts on confederates / catalysts (“sellers”)

Could invite audience members to come back (for free) the next night, limited number maybe 10% of total audience max, maybe less than that maybe do at cash out (if use tokens) bc these would be people who played the meta game ok if transfer to friends if they themselves can’t make it, bc would … Continue reading