Odyssey: Penelope

Though she has not seen Odysseus in twenty years, and despite pressure the suitors place on her to remarry, Penelope never loses faith in her husband. Athena often comes to her in dreams to reassure or comfort her, for Penelope would otherwise spend her nights weeping in her bed. Though her love for Odysseus is … Continue reading

Odyssey: Argos

As Odysseus approaches his home, he finds Argos lying neglected on a pile of cow manure, infested with lice, old and very tired. This is a sharp contrast to the dog Odysseus left behind; Argos used to be known for his speed and strength and his superior tracking skills. Unlike everyone else, including Eumaeus, a … Continue reading

Odyssey: Blind Tiresias

Book 11  Odysseus travels with his men to the river of Ocean in the Land of the Cimmerians to perform  the necessary tasks outlined by Circe to reach the land of the dead. He pours libations and speaks to the shades that come. He speaks to Tiresias the Prophet, who tells him that Poseidon is … Continue reading

Odyssey: Aeolus and Circe

Book 10  The next stop for Odysseus and his men is the land of Aeolus, keeper of the winds. He offers Odysseus the gift of a bag containing all of the winds. He stirs up a wind to guide them home and soon they are within sight of Ithaca. The greedy men tear open Aeolus’s bag, … Continue reading

Odyssey: Cyclops

Book 9 Odysseus tells his story, first about the land of the Lotus-Eaters. Then, the Cyclops: they run into a large supply of sheep, milk, cheese in a large cave. The men spend too long in the cave and  Polyphemus – who lives in the cave – returns and eats two crew members. He imprisons the … Continue reading