The Big Board, set & video look-and-feel

I came across this video when looking at opening bell stuff, and the running “heat map” thing that was happening as the bell rings to open the market was kind of fascinating: S&P 500 Heat Map on opening bell (with Iron Man!) (not embedded video, click thru on link) So I became interested in these … Continue reading

Who watches the Watchmen? Elizabeth Warren, apparently…

My own Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, kicking ass and taking names: Erin, let’s think about how we might work some of these questions and issues (and the debate over them) into E.6 of GOV?

Research and visual aids for Group Dance Numbers

This is a running list of images and video for the group dance numbers that are part of TRADE PRACTICES. G.1 SWITCH TO FEAR Add some vids! G.2 DANCE OF ARB Add some vids here too! G.3 REORGANIZATION Coming out of E.5 and leading into T.6, “Reorganization” begins as a part of the OWN storyline … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for INV

This is a running list of images and video for the INV storyline written by Eisa Davis, first workshopped for presentation in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival in New York City. INFO & TRADING ROUNDS. Mayor Bloomberg ringing the NYSE opening bell, Oct 31, 2012 And for something sillier, Robert Downey Jr. ringing to … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for OWN

This is a running list of images and video for the OWN storyline with text and lyrics by Chris Wells and music by Xander Duell, first workshopped in October 2012 at HERE in New York City; then presented in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival. If you’re looking for the dance video research for the … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for MGT

This is a running list of images and video for the MGT storyline by Robert Lyons, first workshopped in October 2012 at HERE in New York City; then presented in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival. EPISODE 1. GAME SHOW Game show style and aesthetic of the old Bob Barker The Price is Right? Or Family Feud … Continue reading

Research and visual aids for WRK

This is a running list of images and video for the WRK storyline by Qui Nguyen, first workshopped in July 2012 at the Williams College Theatre Lab in Williamstown, MA; then presented in February 2013 at the Culturemart festival at HERE in New York City. EPISODE 1. To set up the Odyssey overlay on the Workers … Continue reading

Interstitial (trading round) videos

T.1 (preshow) Robert: introductory promo video playing (on loop?) at start MEDIA SAMPLES: COMPANY AD, TRAILER   T.2 (after E.1) Erin: maybe about the Currency Industry? Showing what money is, the different aspects of it? Or a rudimentary econ lesson about how money moves etc (like the Banking YouTube videos we found?) Have this conversation … Continue reading

The Stock Market: Explained! by 1950s educational videos

Two gems I found on DVD. Sadly, since I don’t own the copyright, and don’t feel like getting into a kerfuffle with anyone, for now I’m just going to put them behind a password on Vimeo for our own internal use. So, Team TRADE PRACTICES, you know what to do. If anyone else is reading … Continue reading

Talking Heads on Money – Media Sample

Peter Schiff was right: Jim Cramer on Mad Money: Squawk Box: The Kudlow Report: CNBC Fast Money:  

Morning Show Interviews Media Sample

JCPenny CEO Ron Johnson on CBS This Morning (actual interview starts around 0:37). In the last minute or so they ask him if he’s wearing JC Penney, which a great little moment. Groupon CEO Andrew Mason on The Today Show.  Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on The Early Show (interview starts at 1:40)

New $5 bill video

Yes, this was actually produced by the US government.

Open Outcry video

(skip around for the good parts, good idea to start at like 7:19) (3:44-4:00 has an excellent exchange, and features a woman in the Pit) (starts at 6:12) (:29 is a good place to start) (start 12:57) (start 5:03)

Collaborative Consumption: TED Talks

(notes on videos after each embed) Lisa Gansky: The Mesh In many circumstances, “access trumps ownership” — libraries, public transit, coffeehouses — and the Mesh refers to “meshy” businesses that provide “better things easily shared.” Vectors leading to this new emphasis on sharing: The Recession: we’re recalculating value based on what we’d now consider to be … Continue reading

Media Sample: Press Conference and Controversy

Tropicana (Arnell Group) CEO at a press conference defending choice to change orange juice carton design (which later was changed back to the old version) [I love that he is actually holding an orange. And everything he says about Squeeze–hugs–love. ] Bank of America controversy coverage over proposed debit card fees. No press conference video, but … Continue reading

New $100 Note Video Series

Media Sample: Newsmagazine Interview

Groupon CEO on 60 minutes Avon CEO on Charlie Rose HealthSouth CEO on 60 minutes, answers questions about fraud allegations Chrysler CEO on 60 minutes, Citigroup CEO on Charlie Rose Zappos CEO on 20/20 with Barbara Walters (really starts at 1:37)

Media Samples: Company Ad, Trailer

Arkay – packaging company. If you’re only going to watch one of these, this should be the one you watch. Mondragon Cooperative Corporation — targeted at outside information seekers? detailed company history, corporate values, company organization and industries, very long lists of sectors, products and services. Telenor Pakistan — telecommunications industry, targeted at employees, “welcome aboard and enjoy … Continue reading

Kick-ass advertisements, early April 2012 edition

Fantastic tv spots for a British organic milk/yogurt company, in rap version:

Funny, we never thought of Atlas Shrugged…

I just finished watching the movie of Atlas Shrugeed, Part 1. Bad. Movie. Made me long from a Randian world because then the screenwriters would be doing something useful, like making machine parts or driving cabs, rather than being paid to write such a horrific adaptation of Ayn Rand’s magnum opus. Now, admittedly, I read … Continue reading