Mass MoCA Workshop Day 4

Lots of great work today as we got our hands on a ton of new pages from Qui — we read through the entire Workers storyline this morning, focusing in on a few key moments including Franklin’s monologues. With Jared in the room today we were able to have some really productive conversations about the projections needed for the Workers scenes, which resulted in a great new idea about using a combination of tv monitors and projection to play with fragmentation and depth in the composition. We also took a few detours into watching clips from Superman III and discussing the specific ways in which an evil computer can go on a rampage. Beep boop beep.

After lunch, we came back to another big trading round rehearsal, during which we ironed out many of the specifics of the early trading rounds and introduced yet another series of simplifying edits to the rules of the game. We found a lot of discrepancies in the text –the information the audience gets is starting to lag behind the current incarnation of the market simulation — but we’re only a few tweaks away from the smoothest, most intuitive trading scenario yet. Marine and Chris arrived just in time to be thrown into the trading fray. 

We returned to the Workers storyline for more table work — and entertained our first open rehearsal audience members, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the scene. The day wrapped up with another look at the Owners storyline and the chance to hear some of Polly’s songs.


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