Costco: “New Luxury” for American Consumers

notes on Gertner, Jon. “Costco Nation.” Money. 32.10 (2003): 124-129. Business Source Premier. America’s favorite luxury warehouse. Costco’s high-end items are a huge part of their appeal to the American middle class. Costco is good — indeed, Costco is exceptional — at knowing what middle-class Americans need: peanut butter, paper towels, Snickers bars and lots and lots … Continue reading

Decency Means More: Costco vs Walmart

notes on Cascio, Wayne F. 2006. “Decency Means more than ‘Always Low Prices’: A Comparison of Costco to Wal-Mart’s Sam’s Club.” Academy of Management Perspectives 20 (3). 26-37 Wal-Mart’s focus: lowest possible prices, always. Company’s core values seem to drive its exploitative and even illegal behavior. How do they get their low prices? “Low wages for … Continue reading