Research and visual aids for INV

This is a running list of images and video for the INV storyline written by Eisa Davis, first workshopped for presentation in February 2013 at HERE’s Culturemart festival in New York City.


Mayor Bloomberg ringing the NYSE opening bell, Oct 31, 2012

_Iron_Man__Downey_Rings_NYSE_Opening_Bell 2

And for something sillier, Robert Downey Jr. ringing to opening bell to promote Iron Man.
Later on there’s some good footage from the floor with the video screen environment there.
(Sorry no video embed, click to go to CNBC video)


Content inspiration for Alex in Episode 5, and also for the talking head money show format of the scene. Also, there’s a great (long) chunk in the middle where Ben Stein (Reagan’s economic advisor and also of “Bueller…Bueller…Bueller…” fame) is one of the other talking heads. It ends with the moderator mocking Schiff for “his big exposĂ© of Santa Claus.” Fan-fucking-tastic.

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