New 5 Euro Note Unveiled


Wikipedia says:

The five euro note (€5) is the lowest value euro banknote and has been used since the introduction of the euro (in its cash form) in 2002. The note is used in the 22 countries which have it as their sole currency (with 20 legally adopting it); with a population of about 332 million.

It is the smallest note measuring 120 x 62mm. and has a grey colour scheme. The five euro banknotes depict bridges and arches/doorways in Classical architecture (up to the fifth century).

The five euro note contains several complex security features such as watermarks, invisible ink, holograms and microprinting that document its authenticity. In September 2011, there were approximately 1,507,467,000 five euro banknotes in circulation around the Eurozone 17.

The new design was unveiled on January 10th, 2013 and will be issued from May 2nd onwards.

This design adds exciting security features:

  • Watermark: When the note is held under a normal light source, a portrait of Europa and an electrotype denomination appear on either side.
  • Portrait Hologram: When the note is tilted, the silver-colored holographic stripe reveals the portrait of Europa-the same one as in the watermark. The stripe also reveals a window and the value of the banknote.
  • Emerald Number: When the note is tilted, the number on the note displays an effect of light that moves up and down. The number also changes color from emerald green to deep blue.
  • Raised Printing: On the front of the note, there is a series of short raised lines on the left and right edges. The main edge, the lettering and the large value numeral also feel thicker.
  • Security Thread: When the note is held against the light, the security thread appears as a dark line. The Euro symbol (€) and the value of the banknote can be seen in tiny white lettering in the thread.

Business Insider has a comparison of the front and back of the new vs old €5 note.


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