Dec Workshop: Day 5, Marketing

Over in the Marketing Storyline, KJ is having us Tango! Today we looked at Episode 2, in which Patricia Silver is leading her focus group in a dance lesson to illustrate the importance of a company’s role with its customers – the relationship is like the Tango. That focus group is, of course, the audience, so the question in rehearsal was: how quickly can a group learn to Tango? Sheila quickly reviewed her parts for both man and woman and put everyone in a circle with an imaginary partner. Jane brought in several sizzling tracks for us to try to. Script in hand, Sheila got everyone through the basic 8 steps while working through Patricia’s monologue.

It also appears that Patricia has a thing for Eva Perón, as she increasingly invokes her vocal strains from “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” during episode 4. Working very specifically with Kristin, Sheila has found the gestural choices that will strengthen the connection of Patricia to Evita. We then taped snippets of this scenario to use as a second interstitial.

Earlier in the morning, KJ turned in a great performance as Anita Vargas, one of the reporters who question Patricia during a press conference. These rough videos will hopefully give us an idea of what the interstitial videos between scenes will eventually feel like. Jared will be editing away tonight with some first cuts for the WIP on Friday.

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