Dec Workshop: Day 4, Government

Rehearsals for the final pair of storylines, Marketing and Government, are humming along this week, with our playwrights Erin and KJ diving into rewrites after two solid days of table work apiece.

Today we looked at Government. Erin has been weaving a series of scenes that take us from the desk of a Senator, to the Government Accountability Office, the Department of Treasury and back again for a fun examination of how Tender Inc. maintains relations with its primary customer, the US government. We have all received a crash course in economic theory, currency production. Ever wonder what seigniorage is? What about up conversion versus down conversion inks? Or perhaps you wonder about a question that has certainly burned in the back of my mind before: What exactly does The Fed do? We set out today to see if we could explain just that.

After reading over the latest scenes bright and early this morning, Kristin, Eboni, Dax and Nina got a shot at putting Scene 1on its feet: Darlene must explain to the Senator and her intern how The Fed is used to regulate the US currency supply. This was partially inspired by the work done this summer at a previous workshop in which students improvised a similar scene. Using skittles, cookies, and other temptingly edible props, the three actors deftly maneuvered through the scene, taking the audience step by step to explain inflation, bonds, banking and so forth. Through careful staging and dialogue, Kristin and Erin identified moments for all 3 characters to fully engage in the discussion, proving that even economics can be entertaining.

Dax and Nina composed gave life to our curious GAO workers in Scene 3; we get to see how they meticulously and humorously collate contracts, tag signature pages, and arrange pens on their desk and other highly bureaucratic business. The scene has revealed a highly musical quality and elevated text that we hope will dovetail nicely with the other storylines.


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