Oct Workshop: Management and Owners Day 3

This morning we worked on the Management track with writer Robert. We began by reading the new French art film scene Robert wrote during his day off from rehearsal. We also watched the first scene of LOVE CRIMES as inspiration for this scene. Then Kristin got to work staging with Caitlin & Mari. The shape of the scene is really cooking with sexual power-play and co-worker competition as undercurrents. Our Stage Manager Eileen got crafty and fashioned racquets out of paper plates and long forks for the ladies to use in this locker-room scene! Nice.

Next, Kristin worked with Albert and Caitlin on staging the Assisted Living scene. Caitlin and Kristin got more specific about the role of Brenda and how she feels about herself vs. how the audience perceives her actions. These clarifications allowed Caitlin and Albert to make some great choices in their scene together. Once our composer/sound designer Jane Shaw joined us, Kristin and Robert jumped into finessing the lyrics of the song while Jane continued composing the music. We worked through from start to finish teaching Mari, Suli, and Caitlin the song while working out the rhythms with Jane and the lyrics with Robert.

In the afternoon we switched over to the Owners track with writer Chris. We read through his latest draft and focused on answering questions surrounding the changes. We discussed the specifics of scene 2's introduction of the Banker, whom the CEO brings in, and the Investor who is brought to the company by Polly. We clarified that the CEO is allowing Polly to pursue the Investor option even though he is confident the company won't go in that direction, and he is more interested in the Banker — with whom he has worked with a number of times in the past — as a source of money for company expansion. Polly pursues her own option of the Investor's plan for financing with equal fervor. It was noticed how the second scene now sets up the need for the Bank really nicely.

Careful time was spent on scene five, so we were able to explore the deep complexities in the relationship between cousins Polly and Andrew. The cousins' history was worked through, and the evolving perspectives they have on each others' journeys were clarified. This resulted in a more nuanced understanding of the characers' motivations, and prepared the performers well for learning songs with our composer, Xander. We went through and sang “Tender, Inc.” which is a catchy ballad about the company; and then we went over an equally catchy song, sung by Polly, about being in the power position called, “Hold Please”.



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