Oct Workshop: Owners Day 2

Today we started by reading through the pages writer Chris Wells brought in for us based on the exercises we did two days ago. It was a blast to recognize many of the themes and juicy lines that he incorporated from our previous work session. Next we read through the first scene a number of times so as to comb out the relevant relationship points between cousins Andrew & Polly. It was speculated that Polly went to get her MBA and has now returned to the company, while Andrew had decided to work his way up the company ladder right out of college. This could end up giving Polly the leg up between the two of them.

We also talked about the old-school vs. new-school visions for the company and the friction between both parties. Co-Creators Kristin and David spoke at length about their interview with a former VP of Crane & Co. and his awareness of that company's evolution from a family-owned and run business with a set way of doing things, to a more competitive, typical “modern” business — and his conflicted personal feelings about that progression. David gave greater insight into how ATM machines related to paper currency turnover rates because initially bills needed to be fresh in order to not get jammed in the machine, but ATM technology has advanced to be able to handle poorer-quality bills. Kristin shared quotes and specific technical terms from the interview that pertained directly to the material Chris had brought in and the ideas we've been working with in rehearsal.

All of this percolated down to the idea that the character Andrew is more old-school, someone who wants to fit into the company's traditions, whereas Polly is more contemporary in her business ideas and methodologies — she realizes there's money to be made off the loss of things and she is willing to sacrifice for the growth of the company. Chris took these ideas and ran with them as he lead the actors in snapshot and composition exercises (pictured here) for the rest of rehearsal. He left energized to write and make edits to bring in tomorrow afternoon.


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