Oct Workshop: Management Day 2

Today we started by reading through the scenes to hear the edits Robert had made, and the entirely new scenes two and four which he wrote yesterday. Jane, our composer, joined us today so we were able to delve into how the sound and lights might help us see the office set through Brenda's sensationalized fantasy lens. Jane also piped up with some questions that helped us all nail down specifically the tone of each scene so she could go away and create sound to amplify each genre. In scene four, in particular, it was discovered that the tone wanted to be more like a Lifetime movie, and that Brenda is more challenged by her mental state rather than old age. This allows a greater pay-off when she triumphantly rises from the ashes for an attempt to climb the ladder once more! Further clarifications were made about the twists and turns in the relationship between Brenda and Circe. Once these discoveries were made Kristin had the actors jump on to their feet and start sketching out the staging of scenes one, two, and three. The mood was at once playful and thoughtful which resulted in dynamic physical drafts of each scene. – Barbara



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