Oct Workshop: Owners Day 1

Writer Chris Wells led us today in a number of writing and performance exercises to get creative juices flowing and to develop fresh perspectives on the Owners Track of our company. The actors had fun inventing a visual retelling of the Paul Revere story in 7 snapshots –  our featured image is of the actors coming together to form Paul Revere on his horse! Chris then had the actors  create a series of compositions with required ingredients. These  included (but were not limited to!): “create a dance called ‘GOTCHA!”, “recite the Ode to Israel Bissell”, “use the phrase ‘Value is relative'”. Our composer for this storyline, Xander Duell, played electronic readings of each chapter title in the storyline, created a soundscape for the office, and composed a song titled “Blood, Rum, and Freedom”. The final portion exploded out into using the whole basement of HERE as the performance space. This gave Chris much food for thought as he went away to write the CEO track for us to continue exploring this week. – Barbara


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