The Stock Market: Explained! by 1950s educational videos

Two gems I found on DVD. Sadly, since I don’t own the copyright, and don’t feel like getting into a kerfuffle with anyone, for now I’m just going to put them behind a password on Vimeo for our own internal use. So, Team TRADE PRACTICES, you know what to do. If anyone else is reading this, I’m really sorry for the tease — you can get your own on Amazon.

The Big Board (password-protected)
Explains all the basics of buying and selling stocks, what’s happening on the trading floor, etc. Beautifully antiquated, though the underlying fundamentals are the same, which somehow makes it easier to understand I think.

What Makes Us Tick (password-protected)
Animated short about investing in common stock, a complete (very abbreviated) introduction to what stocks are, how a company goes about issuing stocks, why “John Q. Public” (yes, seriously) would want to invest in stocks, etc. All in Jetsons style.


Working Dollars (password-protected)
Another animated short about investing, why someone would want to invest. Little less focused on the stock trading specifically and more broadly about creating an investment culture.

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