King Arthur Flour, American corporation

Ok, I swear I’m trying to be on vacation and not do work, but then we were buying some flour to make pizza dough, and I remembered that King Arthur Flour was on some list we found of the oldest extant companies in the U.S. Reading the back of the bag of flour confirmed that and more:

222 years old. Completely employee owned. “[B]ased on three pillars: people, planet, and profit.” And, they are a “founding B-Corporation”!

So, a bit more about their company history:

Update: 31 August 2012

Another video, this one gives some great perspective, I think, on being an ESOP and employee ownership β€” particularly at this scale of company, which is, I think, relevant and important to us as well.

I also want to thank PJ Hamel and Allison Furbish from King Arthur Flour for saying hi β€” isn’t the Internet grand? πŸ˜€

3 Responses to “King Arthur Flour, American corporation”
  1. PJ Hamel says:

    Thanks for baking with our flour – I hope your pizza was a huge success! And all of us 267 employee-owners appreciate your sharing the video link here… PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour

  2. Thanks for your interest in our company! Hope you enjoyed the pizza! Here’s my favorite recipe:

    Happy baking!

  3. dem says:

    PJ and Allison β€” I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to respond, first I was on vacation, then family visits, and am only now starting to catch up on everything that got put on the back burner these past few weeks!

    The pizza was divine, actually, a recipe my girlfriend found that uses beer instead of yeast (we had run out of yeast and were desperate; it’s now one of our favorite pizza crusts!) But we will definitely give the recipe you sent a try, Allison β€” thank you!

    So I’m a theater artist and set designer who works in New York (though I live and teach in Williamstown, MA β€” a bit closer to Norwich!) and I’m developing this performance as you’ve probably figured out from this blog. I was wondering whether you, or anyone else at King Arthur Flour. might be willing to speak with us about the company, its history as a multi-generational family business, the role of the company in the community, and particularly the ESOP β€” the history of how it came about, how it works, how everyone feels about that as an alternate model for running a business, etc. I’m very excited by what I know so far about your company, and my collaborators and I would love to learn more.

    Please feel free to contact me either through the blog or via email, and thank you again for reaching out in the first place!

    Be well,

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