Odyssey: Cyclops

Book 9
Odysseus tells his story, first about the land of the Lotus-Eaters. Then, the Cyclops: they run into a large supply of sheep, milk, cheese in a large cave. The men spend too long in the cave and  Polyphemus – who lives in the cave – returns and eats two crew members. He imprisons the  rest for future meals. There’s a giant rock blocking the way out, so Odysseus has to think of a plan to escape.He waits for Polyphemus to leave the cave and finds a particularly good piece of wood to temper in the fire, hardening it. When Polyphemus returns with his flock, Odysseus

uses the wine they brought with them to get him drunk. While drunk, Polyphemus inquires of  Odysseus’s name, to which Odysseus responds “Nobody.” Shortly afterwards, Polyphemus  collapses under the effects of the wine and Odysseus and his men attack with the staff, blinding the Cyclops. When he calls for help, all he can say is “Nobody is killing me”, forcing  the other Cyclops to abandon his strange cries for help. The following day, the men cling to  the bottom of the sheep and leave the cave when Polyphemus leads them out. They steal the sheep and as they are departing, Odysseus calls his name back to the Cyclops. With  Odysseus’s name in hand, Polyphemus calls for his father, Poseidon, to curse Odysseus at sea.

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