Leadership and Management Principles

from the Baldridge Criteria for Performance Excellence, which are meant to to “help organizations assess their improvement efforts, diagnose their overall performance management system, and identify their strengths and opportunities for improvement.”

  1. Maintain an effective mission statement – Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Values
  2. Identify the key stakeholders of your organization, those important groups that are affected by your organization’s success or failure.
  3. Identify the key requirements of your key stakeholders – what does it take to satisfy your key stakeholders?
  4. Identify the key processes within your organization that deliver the key requirements of your stakeholders
  5. Measure the results of your key processes, those are your key measures.
  6. Maintainorganizational goalsthat are definable, measurable, and achievable, and provide a balance for all stakeholders.
  7. Benchmarkthe results of your key processes against competitors and and best practices organizations inside and outside your industry.
  8. Maintain an effective strategic planning process.
  9. Maintain an effective communication plan.
  10. Maintain a systematic results review process.
  11. Require accountabilityfor results.
  12. Systematically evaluate Leadership Effectiveness and Performance.
  13. Understand the core competencies of your organization and develop new ones.
  14. Maintain an effective reward and recognition program.
  15. Ensure Leadership Development/Improvement at all levels.
  16. Maintain a systematic process to engage your customers.
  17. Maintain a systematic process to engage your workforce
  18. Maintain a systematic process to engage your suppliers
  19. Maintain a systematic process to develop your workforce.
  20. Ensureorganizational and individual learning.
  21. Manage organizational knowledge
  22. Ensure theaccuracy, integrity, and securityof your data.
  23. Promote and require fact-based decision-making.
  24. Manage for innovation.
  25. Maintain a workforce environment that promotes and ensures high performance and performance improvement.
  26. Promote, require, and fulfill legal, ethical, and societal responsibilities.
  27. Maintain a clear succession plan.
  28. Maintain and deploy a contingency plan.
  29. Identify and support your key communities.

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