Trademarked Currency Security Technologies

A long if not necessarily complete list.


MOTION – “the new standard in optical security features,” “first micro-optic based material ever used in banknotes. MOTION images appear to move in a fascinating and counter-intuitive way, as if floating on a liquid surface. This striking effect is caused by a micro-lens array interacting with a pre-programmed image array. The lens array causes the striking image effects that are both novel and unique, immediately capturing the public’s attention and fascination.”

COMET –COded METallic security thread, “based on the interplay between micro and macro demetallized elements where the micro elements contribute to a machine readable encoding scheme.”

DURAMET – “combines demetallization and lamination to encapsulate and protect the metal layer”

SWITCH – “a windowed diffractive security thread upon which two unique and easily recognizable diffractive elements are replicated. As the viewing angle is changed, a distinct switch between the two images is seen. Behind the SWITCH image, a diffractive background adds security and complexity, while enhancing the brilliance and overall aesthetics of the thread.”

SECURATEXT –a demetallization technique that improves both the legibility and security of demetallized optically variable security threads. SECURATEXT fine line demetallisation cannot be simulated by metallic ink or foil-transfer counterfeiting techniques.”


STEP (Shimmery Twin Effect Protection) – “optically variable ink based on liquid crystal pigments. When viewed from different angles, elements printed with this ink appear to change color”

FEEL (Fast Energy Effective Link) – “an interactive security feature for banknotes. The warmth of your fingertip is enough to alter the color at a specific location on the banknote. This makes it very easy to authenticate. The secret is thermochromism, the special ability of materials to change color depending on the ambient temperature.”

HighLight Watermark (aka Electrolyte Watermark)

RollingStar Security Thread

varifeye Magic see-through window

TWINwindow – Transparent secure WINdow technology

MOVE – Micro Oriented Variable Effect

De La Rue

Delacode, Delachrome – Machine-readable inks

LIFT Twin – “multi-layer latent image”

Platinum Starwide Thread

FACET Thread

StarChrome Thread

Optiks Thread

MagText Thread

via Crane Currency, “Technology“, “Security Threads“, “Micro Optics“; De La Rue, “Insight and Innovation“; G&D, “Special-effect inks“, “Security Thread“, “Windows in Banknotes

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