Crane & Co Timeline

1770 Stephen Crane buys Liberty Paper Mill

1773 Cartridge paper for colonial militia and later for Continental Army

1776 Paper for Paul Revere’s colonial currency

1801 Crane founded by Zenas Crane, Henry Wiswall, John Willard

1806 Begins printing currency on cotton paper for local and regional banks

1844 Introduces method of embedding silk threads in banknote paper to protect against counterfeiting

1879 Winthrop Crane wins contract to manufacture US currency paper (retained until present day)

1881 Paper insulation between copper discs for Edison’s “Jumbo” dynamo

1903 Zenas Crane Jr. founds Museum of Natural History and Art, later to become Berkshire Museum

1922 Crane & Co. incorporates, with Frederick Crane as president

1930 Crane museum opens (a la Henry Ford)

1950s Create their first wastewater-treatment plant

1990s Open chain of retail stores under Crane name.

2002 Purchases company Tumba Bruk (Swedish banknote printing company) and renames Crane AB, is now in the international currency game

2006 First use of trademark MOTION™  technology on banknotes (for Sweden’s 1000 kronor note)

2006 Close most (and sell the rest of) Crane retail stores

2008 Purchases Visual Physics, a subsidiary of Nanoventions to maintain exclusive control of MOTION™  (Crane Micro Optic Solutions)

2009 Sells minority share to NY investment firm Lindsay Goldberg

2009 Business partnership with Neenah Papers outsources manufacture of all business papers, Crane still markets and distributes

2010 Redesigned US $100 bill with motion technology wraps up complete redesign of US paper currency

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  1. Quora says:

    What materials are used to make currencies?

    Yes. They are not the only company that is involved in the manufacture of pulp or related to security paper/printing techniques. They have acquired other companies, licensed technology from other companies, implemented technological advancements pionee…

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