What Bank of America Can Do For YOUR Corporation!

Asset-based Lending

Bank of America Business Capital provides asset-based loans of $10 million or more for working capital, acquisitions, expansions, turnarounds and debt restructurings.

Equipment Finance/Leasing

We provide equipment financing solutions to U.S. corporations with annual revenues over $25 million. With a solutions-oriented approach to asset financing, we leverage our intellectual capital in the development of structures which address clients’ accounting and tax considerations in conjunction with capital raising functions.

Yes, Bank of America will lease you equipment that you need.

Trade and Supply Advising

Companies selling goods internationally need financial support and advanced systems to get their products to market, and ensure prompt payment and the delivery of accurate information. Bank of America Merrill Lynch can make it simple for you to finance exports, manage your export receivables and monitor your export business worldwide.

Treasury Management

We’re at the forefront of helping our clients worldwide to automate and integrate global payments and receipts, accelerate cash flow, streamline processes and make faster, more informed treasury management decisions.  File flexibility, increased interoperability and local language capabilities all contribute to a more efficient and precise flow of funds across accounts and geographies, among your customers, banks and trading partners.

Employee Benefit and Payroll Solutions

At Bank of America Merrill Lynch, your business and your employees can benefit from the financial strength and extensive resources of one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving organizations and individuals with essential benefits, banking and investment services. We give you more ways to build your company’s benefits programs and empower your employees to take control of their personal finances with greater ease, control and efficiency.

Affinity Banking (cobranding/endorsement programs)

For more than two decades, Bank of America Card Services has partnered with some of the most highly recognized brands and organizations, marketing partner-endorsed financial services products to their constituents. This marketing approach, which we call “affinity marketing”, focuses our efforts on those individuals most loyal to endorsing partners—those who will respond to offers based on established relationships, find value in the products and want stronger connections to the endorsing partners.


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