Quick thought re: video conferencing

I know we had talked about signing up for 60 day trials of paid Skype to be able to video conference in 3 or more people.  But what about Google+ Hangouts?  And with the new “with Extras” feature, we can screen share, collaborate on Google docs, etc.  And there can be up to 9 people simultaneously!

About Hangouts with Extras

Hangouts with Extras is a simple and easy way to connect and collaborate with your colleagues in real time. With Hangouts with Extras you can:

Connect with multiple people simultaneously: With group video chat and web conferencing you can connect with multiple people around the world at the same time.

Share your screen: Ever look at something that you couldn’t quite put into words? Well, with screen sharing you give other people the ability to view what’s on your computer screen. You can choose an open window screen on your computer and give everyone in your meeting the ability to look at it. Learn More

Collaborate in real time: You can meet, share notes, and even work on documents at the same time.Learn More

Maybe we should all make sure to have the plugins installed, and sign up for the Extras — and that we’re all in each other’s circles?  I just added both of you.

One Response to “Quick thought re: video conferencing”
  1. dem says:

    BTW, I just tested this out, only with one other person in the video conference, but it worked like a charm 🙂 Screen sharing was great too, which is good since lately I’ve been having a lot of freezing issues with screen sharing in Skype. So I think we should give it a test-run the next time the three of us want to talk from New York, Massachusetts and Minnesota!

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