Thoughts on our Company and its product

We’re going to have to be very careful in terms of our choice of product, doesn’t want to be trivial, some stupid product that then, when we go thru all of this, it starts to look like we’re saying “Look at this really dumb thing but the Company manages to sell it and convince us to buy something we don’t need.”  It shouldn’t be this I don’t think, it should be USEFUL STUFF.

Sure, there’s a lot of stupid shit now, and marketing is all about creating a demand that the product can then satisfy (i.e. creating idea of B.O. to sell deodorant in the 50s).  Yes, this happens, but I don’t think this is what our show should be, or what our Company should be.  Because really, when you look at the history of corporations, they ARE providing world-changing important things, like the RR, the car, steel.  They were important advances and so we should try to come up w something similar to that.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on our Company and its product”
  1. dem says:

    I keep thinking about the iPod, and the reason why (aside from my general fascination/obsession with Apple) is that, in my life it’s the time when I watched a whole market get created. The initial response to the iPod was, This is stupid, what is Apple doing, risking it all on a stupid product that only has appeal to a few people, mp3 players had existed before and had NOT taken off AT ALL. But now its hard to even imagine the world without them, and the way it lead to the iPhone, iPad, smartphones, tablet computing, revolutionized music industry, TV, ALL media has now been affected by that initial product.

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