First big meeting—18 Oct 2011: video

In attendance:



Closed-circuit video feeds!

  • TRAILERS or ADVERTISING during T rounds
    • one for each performance
  • (possibly) could have cc video feeds of each performance during R?
    • for audience who don’t / can’t buy tickets
    • or want a different way of watching the performance
      • maybe make it intentionally bad, or grainy, B&W etc?
      • could then watch ALL performances in a R simultaneously, or jump from monitor to monitor
  • use to cover fuzzy R endings
    • with ads/trailers?
    • or cc video feeds of performances continue for the longer-running ones
      • could be a little teaser for those performances, right before T, entice audience?

Is there a single video location for watching feeds?
Or is there a monitor over / next to the door of each performance space? –> YES

*** Maybe the video monitor is on / a part of the Post for that show / performance area? ***

Oooh, and maybe there’s a ticker tape that runs across the bottom of each monitor, a la CNN
showing the current prices for all of the shows
or other financial / trading data


The Big Board

Shows current prices for each show

BUT if there are other places / ways in which that basic info is being conveyed
(the cc monitors at each Post etc)
then maybe Big Board’s function is really to
COMPILE and PRESENT all of the info in an easy, centralized way?

Could also show TRENDING DATA

  • price histories at different degrees of magnification
    • round-to-round starting and closing values
    • per-round highs and lows
    • intra-round price fluctuations
    • volume of trading
    • etc
  • attendance histories
  • what else?

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