Skype meeting—12 October 2011

In attendance:



new book:
Michael Lewis’ new book

About the way the economic crisis has affected world markets / national economies
…and really messed up certain countries, but in different ways for each


KM found Arb stuff really interesting

and photo collage of traders with hands on faces


Field trip to visit Wall Street during trading hours?

problematic with Occupy Wall Street?
“no official public tours as of 2010” — official word

*** BUT Kristin knows someone who has a seat, maybe can get a guest pass??? ***
Failing that, I can pursue Williams Alums on Wall St

KM also knows a former Goldman Sachs VP, now in SF with own firm


American stock exchange


Love the idea of the paper on the floor

Tickets become papers on the floor?
Are worth something but then become useless once time has passed where they have the value

Love nostalgia of old chalkboard

BUT really intrigued by saturated color of digital boards
also other uses for it


SCDOs are interesting:

taking a fictional piece of something and making money off of it even though not a real thing
insurance on something you don’t own

also then Naked Short Sells for same reason

Ghosts of ghosts of ghosts

THESE become interesting points for writers
jumping off point
not about this but as metaphor



science and math coming into the market
find a way to write something about that?

Look at Mandelbrot book, Misbehavior of Markets

PBS Nova show about fractals
about stock markets etc as well as other things
KM will send link



interesting, not sure what to do with it



Corporate communication, the Internet
fundamental lines changing in the ways we think of communication


Thinking about diff characters:

  • Quant
  • Weather Market guy
  • etc

characters representing different facets of the market, or market ideas, or history, that plug back into the show



find other things like that?

Is there a section with all these math games people play
cognitive science studies
behavioral economics



Reading Drunkards Walk
Fooled by Randomness

Give KM advice on which chapters to read of Drunkards Walk

maybe scan Confusion of Confusions if KM can’t get from library

read A Random Walk Down Wall Street

also All the Devils Are Here


Charts & Graphs


took all the data
put into spreadsheet
excel generated the visuals
put into PPT

VERY automated, yay!

Took two people to do, but they did also have other jobs
Took about 45 mins to process

*** look at my voice note about barcodes ****

To do


— FIND that research with formula for stock offering vs options for perfect success

— Import videos of old Stock Market promo stuff

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