Thoughts on confederates / catalysts (“sellers”)

Could invite audience members to come back (for free) the next night, limited number maybe 10% of total audience max, maybe less than that

  • maybe do at cash out (if use tokens) bc these would be people who played the meta game
  • ok if transfer to friends if they themselves can’t make it, bc would most likely transfer the knowledge of the meta game to friends as well
  • or could be for ANY subsequent perf? But have to figure out way to track, so all catalysts don’t show up for same perf


Could have actual confederates / plants in audience, but need way that, if they are discovered, doesn’t call validity of who game into question

(a la Vegas casinos being rigged, lose trust of audience)


Figure out a way in which the performers are also playing the game, or a similar intersecting game, that functions as a catalyst

  • who earns the most money?
  • can performers actually set up trades using the audience as traders (this is more or less inside trading)?
  • (in the BIG IDEA version with profit sharing scheme with playwrights, is the same true for ACTORS — I.e. Some sort of per night bonus or tip for the show that gets the most tickets sold, ends with the highest ticket price, or has the highest per evening ticket price (even if not the ending price))

What other solution could we find that would put the actors on a similar footing with the audience where they have a financial stake in the outcome of the trading, and are fully participating in the market being created?


I really think that advertising and MARKETING has to ay a part in this, which would involve the actors too

Madison Ave AND Wall St…

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