Thoughts on content, found texts, living playwrights

What if the content were existing texts?

One earlier version could be using older texts, classic texts, “The Canon” etc

texts that are out of copyright so we don’t have to deal with that

But what if a LATER version
or at least ANOTHER version
was in fact using texts by living playwrights whom we contact and set up some alternate system for paying royalties?

where it’s actually a split of the monies that are earned at each performance of TRADE PRACTICES

so that even if a basic 50-50 split, if the performance of fragments of their play, whatever money it takes in in terms of the fluctuations of the market, they get a 50% split instead of paying upfront royalties for the right to produce

Could be an interesting way to go about it and in the form and structure of it, suggesting an alternate way of valuing work and paying for it

1) Very Ayn Rand…

2) But also, and alternately, very Larry Lessig / Creative Commons, finding ways of reinventing copyright and compensation for the 21st century…

Could be interesting?

Might also be an interesting way of publicizing the event as well, and getting lots of living playwrights involved.

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